Mojoprint — Full color printing in Japan with native English support

Envelope printing

Print your company details on ready-made envelopes or choose made-to-order, full-color envelopes

envelope printing

Ready-made envelopes

Add your company identity to our ready-made, white, kent stock envelopes

Affordable but effective. Choose from a range of standard colors and have your company information and logo printed on these quality envelopes.

1 color envelopes
Cost effective ready-made white envelopes in standard Japanese sizes
1 color envelopes - windowed
Ready-made white envelopes with cellophane windows - to fit A4 folded in thirds

Ink color choices

Choose from the following range of pre-mixed DIC colors:

DIC spot colors

DIC564 red, DIC565 deep orange, DIC566 orange, DIC567 yellow, DIC576 cyan, DIC579 blue, DIC580 purple, DIC582 black, DIC584 pink, DIC642 light green, DIC643 emerald green, DIC644 pine green, DIC645 terra cotta, DIC646 brown, DIC647 charcoal, DIC648 magenta

The color swatches above are intended as a guide only. Please also note that the Illustrator swatches provided below do not take into account how the colors will print on uncoated Kent stock. In general they will appear paler and more subdued. Where color output is critical please consult a DIC color book for accurate matching.

Download the color swatches for Adobe Illustrator

Envelope sizes

We currently print on four standard size envelopes in use in Japan.

Y2 size fits A6 size postcards or flyers. N3 size (opens on the short side) and Y0 size (opens on the long side) are both suitable for A4 sheets folded into thirds. K2 size is suitable to fit unfolded A4 documents. The N3 size envelope is printed on 80g kent stock, while the other 3 kinds are on 100g kent stock.

Mojoprint envelope sizes

Self-Adhesive tape

As standard, only the Y0 and Y2 sizes are pre-gummed. The other sizes will require sealing with tape or glue by hand. As an optional extra, double-sided adhesive tape can be applied to the N3, Y0 and K2 size envelopes, but will also add +3 business days (no weekends) to the turnaround.

Printable area

Please be sure to use our templates when preparing your artwork, to make sure your design fits within the printable area. Since these are read-made envelopes, there needs to be a white border on all sides. If you require full-bleed envelopes, then you should order made-to-order full-color envelopes.

envelope printing

Full color envelopes

Our full color envelopes are folded after printing allowing you to make 100% use of the space available (full bleed) for your original design, front and back.

Full color envelopes (110kg)
Full color, full bleed custom made envelopes on a thicker 110kg weight