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Paper weight conversion

Converting gsm paper weights to Japanese kg paper weights

For those used to paper weights described in gsm, we have provided the following conversion guide to help understand the kg equivalents. We use the 四六判 shi-roku-ban size paper sheets at Mojoprint as the benchmark. E.g. our 90kg paper corresponds roughly to a 104.7 gsm paper!

We recommend getting your hands on our paper sample book to really get a feel for the weights however.

GSM to kg paper weight conversion table
Metric weight
Ream weight(kg)
四六判 Shirokuban B列本判 B Retsu-honban 菊判 Kiku-ban A列本判 A Retsu-honban
49.0 gsm 42.0kg 29.3kg
52.3 gsm 45.0kg 43.5kg 31.2kg 28.5kg
60.0 gsm 51.6kg 35.8kg
64.0 gsm 55.0kg 53.0kg 38.2kg 35.0kg
66.0 gsm 56.7kg 39.4kg
68.0 gsm 58.5kg 40.6kg
69.0 gsm 59.0kg 41.2kg
70.0 gsm 60.2kg 41.8kg
73.3 gsm 63.0kg 61.0kg 43.8kg 40.5kg
76.7 gsm 66.0kg 45.8kg
79.0 gsm 67.9kg 47.1kg
79.1 gsm 68.0kg 65.5kg 47.2kg 43.5kg
80.0 gsm 68.8kg 47.8kg
81.0 gsm 69.6kg 48.4kg
81.4 gsm 70.0kg 67.5kg 48.6kg 44.5kg
85.0 gsm 73.1kg 70.5kg 50.8kg 46.5kg
90.0 gsm 77.4kg 53.7kg
90.7 gsm 78.0kg 54.2kg
95.0 gsm 81.7kg 56.7kg
100.0 gsm 86.0kg 59.7kg
104.7 gsm 90.0kg 87.0kg 62.5kg 57.5kg
105.0 gsm 90.3kg 62.7kg
113.0 gsm 97.1kg 67.5kg
120.0 gsm 103.2kg 71.7kg
124.4 gsm 107.0kg 74.3kg
128.0 gsm 110.0kg 106.0kg 76.4kg 70.5kg
140.0 gsm 120.3kg 83.6kg
150.0 gsm 129.0kg 89.6kg
157.0 gsm 135.0kg 130.5kg 93.8kg 86.5kg
180.0 gsm 154.7kg 107.5kg
186.1 gsm 160.0kg 111.1kg
190.0 gsm 163.3kg 113.5kg
209.3 gsm 179.9kg 173.5kg 125.0kg 115.0kg
210.0 gsm 180.5kg 125.4kg
230.0 gsm 197.7kg 137.4kg
250.0 gsm 214.9kg 149.3kg
260.0 gsm 223.5kg 155.3kg
300.0 gsm 257.9kg 179.2kg
310.0 gsm 266.5kg 185.1kg
350.0 gsm 300.9kg 209.0kg
360.0 gsm 309.5kg 215.0kg