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Matt-coat shop cards

Matt-coat shop cards

Great for appointment cards

Shop cards are basically folded business cards. Great for point/reward cards or as handy appointment cards. Our regular cards are printed on matt coat stock which is fine for writing appointments in pen, but due to its slight coating is not suitable for rubber stamping. Try our other Glossy shop cards or Uncoated shop cards.

Tent fold (110 x 91mm: scored + folded along the long edge) or Book fold (182 x 55mm: scored + folded along the short edge) variations.

Note: Scored products arrive flat for DIY folding

Scoring is included in the price

Product specs
220kg matt coat
3 business days
4c/1c, 4c/4c
Book Fold (55x182mm Scored) , Tent Fold (110x91mm Scored)