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Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags

All-weather teardrop flags

All-weather teardrop shape flags to promote your business.

Set consists of custom flag (single side print or double sided 2-ply print), durable aluminium/fiberglass pole, cross base and water bag*, and carry bag.

*If you would prefer a steel ground stake or wall attachment instead of the cross base, let us know. Steel plate and water-filled bases also available for an additional fee.

** Pole pocket can be black or white

Product specs
10 days
4c/0c, 4c/4c
S (75x200cm) (Height of flag: 2.4m) , M (90x230cm) (Height of flag: 2.8m) , L (97x255cm) (Height of flag: 3.2m) , XL (115x300cm) (Height of flag: 3.6m) , XXL (125x365cm) (Height of flag: 4.3m)
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