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Cut vinyl stickers

Cut vinyl stickers

Machine-cut vinyl stickers from your Illustrator data.

Machine-cut vinyl stickers from your Illustrator data. Output from high-quality colored sticky vinyl these are great for office and shop signs, vehicle branding, sticking to surfboards and snowboards.

Please note that these stickers are not 'printed', merely cut out shapes and can only be created from vector data - ie no Photoshop or jpeg data. For photographic stickers please order our printed stickers.

Prices indicated are per sticker, based on one color and are intended as a guide. Contact us for a quote with your own specific needs or see this page for more details.

Product specs
Colored vinyl adhesive
5 working days
250 x 200mm , 250 x 400mm , 250 x 600mm , 250 x 800mm , 250 x 1000mm , 500 x 600mm , 500 x 800mm , 500 x 1000mm , 500 x 1200mm , 500 x 1400mm
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Size/style Front Back 1

250 x 200mm

Spot Spot ¥2,600

250 x 400mm

Spot Spot ¥4,300

250 x 600mm

Spot Spot ¥5,700

250 x 800mm

Spot Spot ¥6,800

250 x 1000mm

Spot Spot ¥8,200

500 x 600mm

Spot Spot ¥7,300

500 x 800mm

Spot Spot ¥8,000

500 x 1000mm

Spot Spot ¥10,100

500 x 1200mm

Spot Spot ¥12,500

500 x 1400mm

Spot Spot ¥13,700