Mojoprint — Full color printing in Japan with native English support

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Full color envelopes (110kg)

Full color quality envelopes

Our full color envelopes are folded after printing allowing you to make 100% use of the space available for your original design, front and back. Be sure to download and make use of our templates.

Notes on the sizes: N3 (opens short side)/Y0 (opens long side), suitable for A4 folded into thirds. Y2, to fit A6 cards. K4 to fit B5 and K2 to fit A4 documents.

For printing on ready-made envelopes see our 1c spot envelopes

When ordering don't forget to mention if you'd like uncoated or matt-coat paper

Product specs
110kg uncoated or 110kg matt-coat
5 business days
N3 (長3) (120x235mm) , Y0 (洋N3) (235x120mm) , Y2 (洋2) (162x114mm) , K2 (角2) (240x332mm) , K3 (角3) (216x277mm) , K6 (角6) (162x229mm)