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Nobori Flags

Nobori Flags

Fly the flag for your business with these eye catching nobori!

Nobori flags are everywhere in Japan. From convenience stores to real estate agents and noodle shops, they are an effective colorful tool to advertise any business.

Printed on lightweight polyester (ponzi) and finished with pole loops on either the left or right hand side (to thread on to a pole for display) and with the seams sewn for durability.

Print is one side only yet shows through from the back too.

Available as flag only, with a plastic pole, or the complete stand set (flag + pole + stand). Your choice of medium or large size, the price is the same.

Choose from white or black pole loops, poles, and bases.

Short size 600 x 1500mm also available at same price.

NOTE: Flags and poles are sent in separate boxes, so there is a minimum delivery fee of ¥2,000 for pole + base sets

Product specs
Polyester textile (ponzi)
6 business days
Medium (450x1800mm) , Large (600x1800mm) , Flag + pole (Medium or large flag) , Flag + pole + base (Medium or large flag)