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Round stickers (Gloss PP)

Round stickers (Gloss PP)

Create fun glossy round stickers

From tiny 30mm stickers to large 120mm stickers, choose from a range of sizes. Printed on easy-peel art-tac sticker paper and laminated with a super glossy coating for durability. Offset printing.

IMPORTANT: Although laminated to protect the surface from dirt and normal wear and tear, these stickers are not UV resistant and as such are not recommended for prolonged outside use.

Note: The stickers are supplied as individual squares, with a round half-cut on the front for easy-peeling.

Designs with borders on the edges are not best suited for round stickers. The half-cut die might slide off center resulting in more design on one side than the other.

Product specs
art-tack sticker + gloss laminate
5 business days
4c/0c, 4c/1c
30mmø , 40mmø , 50mmø , 60mmø , 70mmø , 80mmø , 90mmø , 100mmø , 120mmø
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