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Printing inks

Mojoprint uses vegetable oil based printing inks

Mojoprint uses vegetable oil based printing inks. We choose vegetable oil based inks (derived from soy, palm and other vegetable oils) as the environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum based printing inks.

What happened to Soy Ink and the Soy Ink seal?

As of 2010, 70% of printing inks used in Japan were indeed soy oil based inks and usage of the "Printed with Soy Ink" logo mark widespread. With this logo/seal due to be abolished however, coupled with the volatile market price of the soy bean and the need for an alternative raw-material, The Japan Printing Ink Makers Association have introduced vegetable oil inks as an alternative environmentally friendly printing ink.

Recycled vegetable oils are considered a more viable, sustainable raw material for ink production than 100% soy-oil based inks and are derived from recyclable soy oil, rice bran oil, linseed oil, paulownia wood oil, coconut oil and palm tree oil. With these new inks replacing soy inks industry-wide, we are now obliged to use the new Vegetable Oil Ink logo mark too.

Can I use the vegetable oil ink logo on my own flyers?

Vegetable Oil Ink logo mark

Absolutely! You may use the logo on any materials printed with Mojoprint but please understand that we accept no claims or responsibility arising from its improper use.

You can download an .eps version of the Vegetable Oil Ink logo here (note: usage guidelines included but in Japanese only)