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Heavy Duty Magnetic Sheet

Custom shaped magnets for vehicles

All weather, re-usable magnets. Calculate the area of your design and see the table below for pricing.

Width x height in cm = area in square cm. E.g. 40cm x 40cm = 1600cm2 (so within 2500cm2)

Minimum size: 200x200mm Maximum Size: 1160x860mm

Perfect for any flat metallic surface including vehicles. Digitally printed and laser-cut to your own vector cut-path.

Before applying the magnet to vehicles, be sure to clean the surface with a damp cloth. Use caution when removing so as not to cause nicks or scratches to the metallic surface.

Mojoprint cannot be held responsible for any damage to vehicle surfaces.

Product specs
0.8mm PVC magnetic sheet
6 business days
Within 500cm2 , Within 1000cm2 , Within 2500cm2 , Within 5000cm2 , Within 10000cm2
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