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180kg uncoated tickets

180kg uncoated tickets

Robust, matte tickets

These tickets printed on business card weight, uncoated 180kg stock are perfect for Dinners, Gala events, concerts or any event that requires a heavier weight and feel of ticket to our regular coat tickets.

The uncoated (commonly referred to as 'matte' in other countries) will result in soft tones and hues.

All sizes have the same price.
Please select one of the following sizes:
Small (160x50mm), Medium (180x60mm) or Large (210x76mm)

Please see the below table for the new turnarounds.
Standard tickets (printing only) = 2 days + delivery.
Perforated tickets (printing + perforation) = 3 days + delivery.
Numbered tickets (printing + numbering) = 6 days + delivery.
Deluxe tickets (printing + perforation + numbering 2 locations) = 6 days + delivery.

For the security conscious, we can offer a holographic anti-counterfeit foil strip. Please ask us for a quotation.

Product specs
180kg uncoated
2~6 business days
4c/0c, 4c/1c, 4c/4c
Standard (Small Medium or Large) , Perforated (Small Medium or Large) , Numbered (Small Medium or Large) , Deluxe (Small Medium or Large)