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Design services

From bar flyers and business cards to company brochures and logos — let our creative team take care of it all.

That's right, we not only print stuff — we design stuff too! We think you'll find our affordable prices and fast turnaround hard to beat. For your next project, send us your content and leave the design to us.

How it works: The design process

Step 1: Provide us with your text and images and tell us what you have in mind

Sounds simple, but it is often the hardest part of any new project. This can be as straight forward as providing us with some samples of what you like/dislike, or an annotated sketch of your ideas together with your text and images (see below). We will advise you at this stage of what products/paper combinations we feel will work best, taking your overall budget into consideration, and provide a design quote.

Step 2: We send you the design draft

Once our quote is approved, we set to work on your project and provide you with a jpeg (by email) of what we believe best answers the brief. We take on board your comments and feedback and adjust the design accordingly. You are given 2 rounds of these revisions (total 3: preliminary plus 2 revisions) to adjust the design until you are happy.

Please note: Requesting further changes after 2 rounds of revisions may incur additional charges.

Step 3: You give us the green light

Once you have signed-off on the design we then send the final data to print and all you must do is sit back and wait for your printed design to arrive.

What we would like you to prepare

In order to facilitate the design process we ask that you try and prepare the following things:

  • Any images/logos you would like to use (if you cannot supply these in digital format or do not have any, further scanning/tracing fees or stock image fees may apply - see artworking below)
  • The text you would like to use (in digital form)
  • A sketch of your design/layout, indicating what should go where
  • Any other notes/references concerning your design

How much will it cost?

Mojoprint design rates start from ¥8,000 (our hourly rate and minimum charge).

The following table is provided as an indication of how much your design will cost. Every job will be assessed on a case-by-case basis however, and you will be issued with an estimate before any design work commences.

Example design charges
ItemMin. charge
Business card¥8,000
Tri-fold leaflet¥32,000
Magazine/brochure¥8,000 per page

Note: We do not release our working design files or print-ready artwork files as standard practice but should you require them we will release the artwork for an additional release fee. The release fee is charged at 100% of the original design fee.

How long will it take?

Minimum project completion is 3-5 days from when we receive all your assets. This may be extended depending on the scope of the project, for example if it is a multi-page item.

Can I get it faster?

If you want to jump the queue, we offer an express design service, charged at minimum ¥15,000/hr.

Artworking service

For those with data in a format that we cannot use — we only accept Adobe Illustrator EPS, Adobe Photoshop EPS and Adobe Acrobat PDF files — we offer an artworking service. Artworking is a non-creative service and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Recreating data made in another program (e.g Microsoft Word to Adobe Illustrator)
  • Troubleshooting your data file (when we notice any potential problems and you are unable to amend them yourself)
  • Updating previously printed data with new content (new dates, names etc.)
  • Tracing logos/maps when no digital version is available
  • Scanning and manipulating images

Artworking charges

Data troubleshooting
ItemMin. charge
Adding bleed¥500 per file
Adding crop marks¥500 per file
Converting from RGB to CMYK¥500 per file
Resizing artwork to correct size¥500 per file
Editing Mojoprint-designed data with new infoFrom ¥500 per file*
* We will inform you of the artworking charges prior to any work undertaken. Minimum charge ¥500 (e.g business card info edit).
Data recreation e.g from Microsoft Word to Adobe Illustrator
ItemMin. charge
Creative Design charges x 50%see above
* We will remake it as closely as possible to the original document, although colors and fonts may have to be altered.
Royalty-free stock images/illustrations
ItemMin. charge
Photos/illustrationsFrom ¥2,000 per file
* We will purchase stock images on your behalf from a variety of available libraries.