Mojoprint — Full color printing in Japan with native English support

Clear files

Clear files

Full color UV printed clear files to hold your documents

CMYK + white ink as standard to make your designs opaque. If you prefer transparent a design, then they can be printed without a white layer.

It is one side printing, but since your design is printed as a spread before being folded, diecut and sealed to create the clear file, both the front and the back can be printed. Please download our template before placing an order.

Product specs
0.2mm PP (natural)
7 working days
A4 (220 x 310mm)
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Size/style Front Back 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800


220 x 310mm
4c/0c 4c/0c ¥46,900 ¥50,400 ¥54,300 ¥58,200 ¥62,300 ¥65,900 ¥69,500 ¥73,800